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Kim Echammaal Coull

Dr Kim Echammaal Coull is a psycho-spiritual and therapeutic Tarot Reader and Qualified Astrologer (FAA). She is the Founder of Sacred Arts Therapies Training (formerly School of the Sacred Arts) and runs two 12 month courses – The Tarot Practitioner Course and The Astrology Practitioner Course. She offers Tarot Master Classes and workshops and weekly classes in Applied Natal Astrology and also reads Tarot and Astrology privately. She is also a Vocal/Instrumental Sound Healer and singer/song writer, published poet and artist. Kim has been teaching Tarot and Astrology in Perth, WA for over twenty years. She is a certified Astrologer with the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Doctorate in Creative Writing.

Tarot & Astrology

Kim teaches Tarot and Astrology as a heart-based, client-centred practice, informed and underpinned by depth/compassionate psychology, narrative therapy, and psycho-spiritual inquiry. Her aim is to embrace, heal and empower others and to teach the embodied, innate, psycho-spiritual, emotional language of the heart and soul through the beautifully sacred and collective symbolism of Tarot and Astrology. Kim’s intention is to guide others to a deeper and empowering self/Self-awareness, soothing anxiety, quietening self criticism, and healing personal and existential grief. She aims to give each student a lifelong mastery of Tarot or Astrology (or both) that will support and nourish their lives emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and materially (and the lives of those they touch). This mastery honours the personal sensitivities, innate gifts, and experiential wisdom of every participant as they take these skills out into the world professionally. Ultimately, her aim is to teach the healing and immersive power of deep insight, heart wisdom, loving kindness and compassion that brings us into the Embrace of Pure Loving Awareness and Presence.

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Kim Echammaal Coull

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