Kim’s Music

Kim’s exquisite music features her angelic, vocal meditations and original, intimate, and inspirational songs. Kim plays guitar and harps (dream and tranquillity), crystal singing bowls. Her exquisite, healing vocal art will relax and immerse you deeply in your heart, providing a soothing and uplifting healing sound-scape for mediation, yoga and soul connection. She performs regularly at various events.

 Sound Healing Events

Kirtan Nada Yoga

Kim is a vocal and instrumental sound healer and Soul Musicality Practitioner, she works privately and at various venues in Perth, Western Australia, including The Sound Temple in Sawyers Valley. Kim’s healing sound-scapes are heart-song immersions, a form of vocal art. Using her angelic voice, harps, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Native American Flute and bells she creates an intimate, unique, and irresistible invitation back Home into The Beloved’s Embrace.

Private Sound Healing

During each private session Kim sings your personal Heart Song, a healing gift calling you Home, a compassionate easing of hurt, a recalibration of energy, and a celebration of the beauty of your soul – the timeless manifestation of your own unique vibration, pulse, and exquisitely wrought melody. These Heart Songs lift and attune your vibration and bring you Home to the Pure Awareness that
is your True Nature.

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