Valentina Toscana – Milan/Perth

Tarot Reader & Psychic Intuitive Healer

I attended Kim’s tarot Course last year and absolutely loved it! I love the way Kim is passionate about the cards. Kim made me see so much of myself through the cards. For every card of the deck, I found healing. It has been an amazing journey into my soul, I haven’t only learned to read cards, I have also learned how to love myself – I actually found my True Self. I can truly say through during this course transformation happened, I am a different woman and a Professional Tarot Reader now. I recommend to everyone that they attend this course. Kim is an amazing teacher and a beautiful soul. Thanks to you I fell in love with the cards. You are absolutely amazing…

Vivien Forrest – Perth

Kinesiologist – Intuitive Healer – Tarot Reader

I was a student of Kim Echammaal for two years. Kim is an inspiration and a blessing! What an amazing and gifted teacher! It is a priceless journey being Kim’s student and very rewarding and life-changing experience.

Sharon Sims – Perth

Tarot Reader/Psychic/Medium/ Mystic – Vitality Success Consultant – Soul Coach – Kinesiologist – Reiki Practitioner – Hypnotherapist – Life Empowerment Coach – Natural Therapist – Energy Healer – Empowered Menopause Coach – Teacher/learning Guide/Laughter Yoga Facilitator

I attended Tarot Reading classes with the insightful and inspirational Kim Echammaal many, many years ago. I would have to say that it was a pivotal point in my life and I am blessed to have followed my guidance and stepped into Kim’s amazing sacred space and energy. I had dabbled with the cards most of my life and felt a strong connection, however taking Kim’s class helped me connect and understand on a much, much deeper level. Even more beautiful than this connection was the strength and confidence Kim helped me to access, just by being her beautiful, supportive, encouraging self. I attended the Tarot class at a very testing time in my life, however the support of Kim and indeed the whole class helped me through this time as well as set me on my journey of reading professionally. I have never looked back and thank Kim from the bottom of my heart

Michelle Giovenco – Perth

Tarot Reader & Astrologer – Crystal Healer – Massage Therapist

Kim Echammaal Coull is a teacher of great knowledge and wisdom. Kim teaches from her heart, offering so much support along the way. I gained skills and knowledge of Tarot and Astrology. I delved into my own psyche, shared soul searching and received healing. I met like minded people who are now my life long friends. Kim teaches from the comfort of her own home and payments for the course are affordable. After completing Tarot, I did not want to finish class, so I signed up for Astrology. I get such a buzz each week coming to class. I love the company, learning, and value the teachings. I love that these modalities help people to heal on such a deep level.